Meet Our New Board Member, Jonathan Shartar

Jonathan ShartarJonathan Shartar was recently elected to the board of Barracks Row Main Street. He is a member of the management team at real estate developer, Madison Marquette. In 2008 Madison Marquette purchased the ‘Blue Castle’ at 8th and L Street, SE, the old red brick car barn, painted blue in the 1970’s.

Shartar will be involved in shaping the future of the car barn. He noted that this is the first development project for Madison Marquette in Washington, DC since their successful Tenleytown project.  Between 1999 and 2005 the company redeveloped a Sears building on Wisconsin Avenue, built in 1941, converting it to smart shopping area flanked by an unusual curving condo building which quickly sold out.

Shartar confirmed that the ‘Blue Castle’ will remain blue just a little longer.  The leases of the present tenants, PSI Services and Eagle Academy Charter School, don’t expire until 2012. He was clear to point out his respect for the DC Charter Schools  which mirrors the philosophy of Madison Marquette to be a good neighbor, treating the property and its tenants responsibly as the company defines a new role for the century old building.

It turns out that Jonathan Shartar’s appreciation for urban schools is also grounded in his own story. After graduating from Amherst College, he served in Teach for America – the prestigious organization which puts the brightest college graduates to work for two year stints teaching in challenged city schools.  A job in residential development at Winter Properties (known for their imaginative Atlanta renovations) soon followed. While completing his MBA at Emory University, he helped launch the real estate program there.  In 2007, he moved with his wife, Kim to Washington, DC to join Madison Marquette.

Shartar’s goal as a board member of Barracks Row Main Street is to further the development of 8th Street as a retail center for Capitol Hill and Washington, DC. He has been actively involved with the recent “Visioning Process for Eighth Street” sponsored by the Capitol Riverfront BID and Barracks Row Main Street. He also participates in the ongoing CIMP process, sponsored by the United States Marine Corps. to involve the community in repositioning four dated barracks buildings. Prior to joining the Barracks Row Main Street Board of Directors, Shartar was a member of the BRMS Fundraising Committee.

His hobbies include photography and running. As the car barn redevelopment picks up momentum Shartar is looking forward to spending more time on 8th Street where he plans to pick up tips for his most recent extracurricular interest: cooking!


About Barracks Row Main Street

Barracks Row Main Street is a designated DC Main Streets commercial district. Barracks Row Main Street is funded in part by the Department of Small and Local Business Development.
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